The unique healing properties of Platinum

Forlle’d is launching two new products of Hyalogy Platinum line. Face cream and Hyalogy Platinum Eye cream will extend the range of the products based on ionized low molecular Platinum. The expected release date is January 13, 2013. Now Hyalogy Platinum line consists of Platinum Lotion, Essence and Mask.    Main reasons of ageing and healing properties of Platinum.   There are two main
reasons of ageing. The first is physiological related to the accumulation of active oxygen generated inside the body, which causes deterioration in the cell membrane, DNA, cellular activity etc and the other is photo-ageing due to the buildup of oxidants stimulated by ultraviolet radiation. Hyalogy Platinum line targets both causes.   In both cases oxidation reaction release free radicals, which are important...

Molecular cuisine. Gastronomy Latest Trend

  Don’t be surprised.  We are still writing about Beauty and Skincare innovations.   But .. we can’t ignore such relative trend in sphere of Gastronomy.    Molecular gastronomy is scientific approach to cooking.   It’s based on uniting knowledge that fundamental science gives, summarize all kinds of culinary phenomena that occurred throughout the history of gastronomic art and modern innovative technologies.   Chef Ferran Adrià (Spain) is one
of the founders of Molecular gastronomy. The press has dubbed him the "Salvador Dalí of the kitchen" because of his creative approach to cookery.   Ferran Adrià  prefers the term 'deconstructivist' instead of "molecular gastronomy» to describe his style of cooking.    Whatever you call it you have definitely heard of emulsification, specification, foam and powders! For those of you that think it’s about...
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Skin care tips for men

  Taking care of skin for men no longer carries the embarrassing stigma of metrosexuality. It’s just normal and natural to know the skin’s needs and give it a proper care.   Here are some common beauty tips for men’s skin:   • Cleansing is the most important thing to do for the skin. It should be the basis of skin care regimen, but that
doesn’t mean reaching for a simple soap. Men’s skin typically has large pores and very active sebaceous glands. While these glands are critical for keeping the skin naturally moist, they can often produce too much sebum. Neglecting to wash away the excess oil and dirt can clog pores, which leaves the skin prone to breakouts. It’s necessary to use a...
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